Trident cafe, Boston, by Frantz

Igor A. Siveroni,

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I am no longer part of the Department of Computing, Imperial College. However, I ocasionally stop by the department to visit old colleagues, have a cup of coffee, the odd talk and a stroll around South Kensington.

I still keep a list of old publications here and links to the Secsafe Project page and related stuff.

More current information can be found at my web page at City University.

My main area of research is the study of theoretical aspects of Programming Languages. In particular I am interested in formal frameworks for the definition and developing of Program Analyses and their application to program optimisation and verification. I have lately been working with model checking of UML models and the application of Convex Polyhedra to program analysis and verification.

My time at Imperial was spent as a Research Associate of the Programming Language Theory group, where I was part of two projects:

I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University . My advisor was Prof. Mitchell Wand , head of the Semantics group.